“In Mobile Opera’s new take on “The Mikado,” The Mikado, aka the emperor of Japan, is an awesomely awful Elvis impersonator in gold platform shoes, mighty pompadour and Vegas-era caped jumpsuit.” Tamara Ikenberg, Mobile Press-Register 10/26/13

Tonight closed a wonderful version of “The Mikado”at Mobile Opera with stage director Eric Gibson and artistic director Andy Anderson. The Mikado ran on October 25th and 27th at the Mobile Civic Center Theater and was not your typical Gilbert and Sullivan. Anderson moved the opera’s setting from the fictional Japanese village to a present-day, Hibachi restaurant called Titipu complete with a crazy cast of restaurant employees. Patrick Jacobs played the Mikado as an Elvis-loving Emperor of Japan.

“The Mikado (The Emperor of Japan) is a really bad Elvis impersonator. The whole Elvis phenomenon is huge in Japan,” Anderson said.  “And the Mikado is just a character that lends itself to Elvis the most, because he’s in charge. I kind of took the whole emperor idea, and well, Elvis is ‘The King.'”

From the Mobile Press Register review by Tamara Ikenberg on Saturday, October 26, “When Patrick Jacobs as The Mikado in full King mode, swept onto the Mobile Civic Center Theater stage stage in all his glittery glory, the Japanese school girls screamed, shouted and swooned in a scene that the audience won’t soon forget. And that’s just one the many crazy, cool moments in Mobile Opera’s production of ‘The Mikado’ that should not be missed. The crowd cracked up all the way through Friday’s party of a performance.”